General Information
The UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 will take place in the Netherlands between 16 July and 6 August 2017. Matches will be played all throughout the Netherlands at the host cities of Breda, Deventer, Doetinchem, Enschede, Rotterdam, Tilburg and Utrecht. Approximately 1500 volunteers will be a part of the organisation activities. Would you like to volunteer and work at various stadiums, airports, fan zones, hotels and WEURO 2017 areas? Then register now and experience the European Championship first hand!

If you want to volunteer for WEURO 2017, you will need more information before you register. So carefully read the text below because it contains some very useful information. 

If you volunteer, you will become part of one of the host city teams. As a result, you can only volunteer for one host city. You can mention exactly when you will be available for your chosen city. You can also register as a Volunteer for the semi-finals and final in Enschede. Click here for the match schedule and dates in various host cities. If you are not tied to one host city and can be employed flexibly between July 1st and August 15, you can also register as volunteer for WEURO 2017.

We kindly request the following from volunteers:
* You must be available on at least 3 match days in your host city;
* You will be at least 18 years-old on July 1st, 2017;
* You speak English or Dutch;
* You can sign a volunteer’s agreement;
* Voluntarily = committed; if you register, we will count on you!;
* Enthusiasm, hospitality and passion for this amazing event! 

Please note: Only European citizens (including Swiss, but excluding Croats) can volunteer work in the Netherlands without a visa. All people with other nationalities need a valid employment permit (Tewerkstellingsvergunning) or a residence permit with the note 'permitted to work' (Verblijfsvergunning met de aantekening 'arbeid vrij toegestaan, TWV niet vereist') to register as WEURO 2017 Volunteer.

WEURO 2017 could not be held without volunteers. That is why we will do everything to take care of our volunteers. As volunteer, you can expect the following from us: 
* Professional Adidas clothing package; you will receive this package before WEURO 2017
* Something to eat and to drink
* Comfy and cosy Volunteers home (place to stay during matches - no sleeping accommodation)
* A party at the end of the tournament for all volunteers!
* Good information via the newsletter, website and social media
* Information meetings and training to prepare for WEURO 2017
* A certificate or LinkedIn recommendation after WEURO 2017
* A unique chance to experience a big international event from close by and behind the scenes!

Please note: Travel and accommodation costs will not be reimbursed. However, we can help you to find a suitable and affordable place to stay.

Note: The 1st of March 2017 we will start selecting and planning. All registrations after this date will be placed on a back-up list.

Domains and functions
We are looking to fill many different roles for WEURO 2017. We have divided these functions into ten domains. Further information is available per domain. During your application, you can mention whether you prefer to work in a specific domain.

Ticketing & Accreditation
More than 250.000 match tickets will be available for WEURO 2017. These tickets will be distributed to the customer either by courier or by collection on-site. Ticketing volunteers are an essential part of the delivery of the ticketing project and will often be the first points of contact for ticket holders in all the host cities. The Accredition project plans and regulates access to the seven stadiums and areas within them. Volunteers in the accreditation centres are the first point of contact for people working at WEURO 2017. They will welcome them and provide them with personalised access cards, which they will have produced.

The Fanzone project provides support to the Host Cities in planning and managing the official Fan Zones.

Technical Services & ICT
The Technical Services project manages the planning, provision and implementation of services and temporary infrastructure as requested by internal and also external stakeholders to bridge the gap between the existing conditions at the venues and the greater requirements of a major sports event. Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for WEURO 2017 delivers all communication and related services, as well as hardware and specialised solutions and applications. ICT is responsible for the concept, set-up, operations and change management for all deliverables within the ICT scope. In addition, every day many journalists and photographers will be reporting on WEURO 2017 via TV, internet, radio, email and telephone.

The TV team will be responsible for insuring that the match is broadcast to spectators over the world. The role of the Servicing desk will be to provide information on technical issues, production, general tournament information as well as tourist information for the WEURO 2017 Broadcast Partners that are on site during the tournament. The role of the team is to ensure the correct delivery of the booked and confirmed services (TV signals, commentary and interview facilities in the stadium) to UEFA Broadcast Partners at each Venue. The Media Services team provides facilities, information and accreditation and booking services to the international media expected to cover WEURO 2017. Each stadium will have its own media centre, media tribune, press conference room, mixed zone and pitchside positions, providing journalists, photographers and broadcasters with the best possible working conditions. Media volunteers will be the first points of contact and essential for the smooth delivery of the tournament, whether it be by distributing media access passes, ensuring the efficient management of the media facilities or assisting with the organisation of the pre- and post-match media activities of the competing teams.

Spectator Services
Many spectators from home and abroad will visit the stadiums in Holland during the tournament. Spectator Services volunteers will provide a contact point for all visitors and fans. The volunteers will inform, look after and offer support to visitors around and inside the venue. To a certain extent, they are the WEURO 2017 welcome committee for all ticket holders.

All volunteer-related activities will be planned and implemented by the Volunteer Management department. This sector will look after the volunteers and ensure that everything runs smoothly. It will also deal with training, job allocation, the volunteer centre, catering and the volunteer culture.

Marketing & Commercial Operations
WEURO 2017 will be supported by a commercial sponsor family consisting of global sponsors and national sponsors. In exchange for their contribution to the tournament, these partners have been granted certain marketing rights. The Marketing Operations team's mission is to deliver and protect these rights at all the stadiums. The objective is to successfully deliver all on-site sponsor rights to the highest standard. Volunteers will support the Marketing Operations team by fulfilling office duties, monitoring the advertising-free zones and assisting sponsors with on-site activation programmes, including the Youth Programmes as well as other on-site promotional activities around the stadium.

VIP, Hospitality & Ceremonies
VIP services are responsible for guest management, welcome services and protocol matters for the VIP guests attending WEURO 2017. Guest management operations are carried out at airports, hotels and stadiums, where national and international guests from the world of sports and politics will be welcomed. Guest management volunteers will be the first and main point of contact for those guests and are essential for the smooth delivery of the guest experience. They will welcome guests at airports, hotels or stadiums and assist them by providing information about the tournament and the host cities, and dealing with their questions and requests.

Hospitality manages the development, implementation and delivery of all hospitality programmes. Hospitality is responsible for delivering the relevant quality of hospitality and catering services to those target groups. As members of the hospitality team, dedicated volunteers will help with the organisational preparations and the support the overall operation to ensure the best possible guest experience.

The ceremonies project creates and implements ceremonies and entertainment programs at the stadiums. The objective is to create a safe and joyful atmosphere in the stadium and provide a memorable experience to the fans. Volunteers assist with the pre-match ceremonies (entertainment of fans inside and outside the stadium).

Match Organisation
The Match Organisation project lies at the very heart of al WEURO 2017 venue operations, as it deals directly with UEFA’s first priority, the sport itself. A successful Match Organisation project will contribute largely to the overall image of the tournament and reflect positively on the quality of the football matches. The project’s main task is to organise the matches and all services related to the sporting aspects of WEURO 2017 to the highest international level and according to UEFA regulations. Volunteers assist the match director with the preparation and running of each match, including the official training sessions. They will help with the setting-up of the dressing rooms, competition areas and match material. Volunteers will also take on various administrative tasks, including preparing and, if appropriate, attending meetings.

Transport, Logistics & Team Services
Event transport is responsible for the planning and delivery of transport services for the participating national teams, referees, doping control doctors, match officials, guests and staff. There are manylocations all over Holland that will need to be covered by event transport operations during the tournament, chiefly stadiums, airports, railway stations, hotels and team base camps. Volunteers will operate mainly as drivers and transport people between the different official locations. In addition, some volunteers will work in the transportation office/fleet compound or as coordinators/welcome personnel at airports, hotels and stadiums. The aim is to help and support the customers and deliver a high-level transport service for a unique event in Europe.

The Logistics Operations team will manage a range of logistical services at the WEURO 2017 stadiums and LOC. Volunteers will assist the teams with the day-to-day running of these essential support services, and their tasks will range from sorting and handing out uniforms to driving pool vehicles for transfers and coordinating deliveries.

The Team Services team will be responsible for the participating teams. They will make sure that everything runs smoothly so the team can focus on the one and most important thing; the matches. The Team Services Volunteers will act as bridge between the team and the Women’s EURO 2017 organization.

You can register as Volunteer through the register-button.

Note: The 1st of March 2017 we will start selecting and planning. All registrations after this date will be placed on a back-up list.

Do you want more information or do you have any questions? Get in touch with Team Volunteers! Mail Annemarie, Milou or Michael at volunteers@weuro2017.nl!

Team Volunteers

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